Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bump and Grind

38 weeks pregnant and still working!

It doesn't really feel like work.
I've got a run of bump photo shoots with some lovely ladies who are all first time mums to be. With my own bump at a very similar stage to many of my clients we have the same fascination and awe at our ever expanding shape and similar sense of excitement and trepidation regarding the new experience looming now not so far ahead.

And it's not all work, Andy and I make time for walks in the park, I attend aqua natal classes, pregnancy yoga, bumps and baby groups. I take a last lone visit to the hairdressers and marvel that even in these late stages of pregnancy I still have to stand up all the way home on the train!

All is fine on the hormone front until I have a small freak out about letting my baby out into the big bad world! I'm plagued for a few days about chemicals, pesticides, boiled sweets, strangers and sugar!!! Silly really as he or she can't stay in there much longer! 

Sausage has the biggest feet (he or she has been called Sausage since the book told us that baby was the size of a chipolata cocktail sausage!)  I can feel the soles of them and they feel like very big rabbits back feet. I think i'll probably miss the kicking.

I would have liked to have seen a picture of my Mum's bump when she was pregnant with me, but it's not something people used to photograph.

Having said that, we then realise that I've not done my own bump shoot, so we rattle off a few shots and hope that our little one will enjoy marvelling like we have at how amazing it is to be able to grow another human being inside you...

Catching up

Time flys and I've not posted to my blog... so here goes
I vow to ketchup and keep up...