Monday, 3 December 2012

Herbie aged 5 - tree house, tattoo and retro toys

Herbie. When I got the call about this 5 year old's family shoot my first thought was - cool name! My first VW Beetle was called Herbie (due to it's ERB1 numberplate) and I still miss that bug!

Turned out to be one of my favourite type of shoots too, as we got to stay home during the Olympics and do lots of great things. I was just like being home when I was a kid. And there were plenty of flash backs to that era too, as Herbie's dad Hugh, had passed on some pretty tidy retro toys to his son, including a Flump and a mint Fisher Price garage circa 1970s (how I would love to get hold of one of those for Grace!).

So here's a peek at our day...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A great family day!

Top day today; starting over in Chorlton photographing a very bonnie 7 month old baby boy called Michael. I can't wait to share some of this lovely family photoshoot with you, but for now I felt compelled to post a few of my own family pics.

Andy and mini me mooched round Beech Road for a couple of hours while I 'worked' and to be honest it felt like anything but work as I was made to feel so welcome, I almost felt like a mate who had popped round for a drink and a chat!

After the shoot I caught up with Andy and our little un for some brunch at The Lead Station which was entertaining as there was a brief shower whilst we sat outside eating, which made it more like our kind of picnic (almost like being on holiday!).

Then on our way home we went for a walk and I took the opportunity to do a few shots of my fella and our little girl...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Shelley's twin bump!

I love it when I get booked for a bump, new born and 6 month shoot package as it means I get to follow a baby from the start which is ever so exciting and a real honour.
So I was delighted when Shelley and Dave called me up to document their story, doubly so, as they are expecting twins in May! See the shoot here...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

1 year old Sausage... she's lovely!

Our baby is almost 1!

I've made a real effort to spend quality time with her and tried my hardest not to have a camera constantly stuck in her face documenting every breath!

With Mummy and Daddy both photographers she knows when she is being photographed and has a canny knack of sabotaging any attempt to catch her unawares.

The other day I caught her smearing those grubby little paws over my already pretty mucky windows. Fairly standard practice for any small person with sticky fingers. Then she took my clean top that was drying on a nearby radiator and started to try and clean the evidence away!

I grabbed my camera and snook outside to photograph her from the other side of the glass...

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Happy Birthday Isaac! (Hoping you get some Sellotape!)

As Isaac turns 1 today at 12.29am I felt I just had to share his family shoot from 2 months ago as I know that he has grown and changed already!

Isaac was my 1st crawler of 2012! And after the very stern weighing up that he gave me on my arrival he seemed to vow to not stop moving for a single moment of the shoot!

Mummy and Daddy had a few things that they were keen for me to capture... His cute feet! His very secret toothy pegs! His gorgeous eyes. Did we mention his very cute feet? His lovely nursery. His diddy feet, and toes and hands. His nakey babyness and his very charming smile!
(As an added bonus I even managed to catch a few tears - don't worry - those were for free!)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Harrys new born shoot

Introducing 4 week old Harry... such a calm, chilled out, knowing little chap with the most amazing blue eyes. He was so cute and cuddly looking in his blue and white sleep suit but I just LOVE the colourful stripy babygrow too! 
I was amazed at how tiny he seemed, probably just due to me spending so much time with my 9 month old daughter, who is already like a giant in comparison! Check out the shots of Harry's hands and feet next to his Mummy and Dad's, so dinky! Babies - they sure don't stay little for long!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Mother of an offer!

Mother's Day is Sunday 18th March just over 2 weeks away...

All Mums need treating and many would jump at the chance to be professionally photographed with their children, or their children's children!

Treat the main lady in your family to a relaxed and natural one hour portrait shoot for only £50!

It's half the price of our normal shoots and as been as we know how hard all Mummys work, it also includes an additional voucher for £25 off any products!

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mama mia!

Eating breakfast with my daughter this morning and she said MAMA for the first time!

I know, you probably think she was just appreciating the millet porridge made with water? Mmmmmm...
But no it was definitely a ma ma not a mmmmmm.

And she's done it again and again today but never in the presence of DADA.
That's my girl!
Yesterday she said BABA for the first time and repeated it as well today, so maybe it will be DADA's turn tomorrow?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Noah's Arc

Where do I start? I LOVE THIS SHOOT!

Johnny, Mel and Noah... what an ace family...
caring, brilliant fun, eco friendly, surfing, thoughtful, happy, air guitar wielding, honest, bike riding, lovin, vw driving, german speaking, long time mates.

On the day of the shoot the sky closed in as if Armageddon was upon us, but Noah's brilliant blue eyes light up every shot and maybe I'm bias, but I found it very difficult to know which images to share with you as I like them all!