Sunday, 15 July 2012

A great family day!

Top day today; starting over in Chorlton photographing a very bonnie 7 month old baby boy called Michael. I can't wait to share some of this lovely family photoshoot with you, but for now I felt compelled to post a few of my own family pics.

Andy and mini me mooched round Beech Road for a couple of hours while I 'worked' and to be honest it felt like anything but work as I was made to feel so welcome, I almost felt like a mate who had popped round for a drink and a chat!

After the shoot I caught up with Andy and our little un for some brunch at The Lead Station which was entertaining as there was a brief shower whilst we sat outside eating, which made it more like our kind of picnic (almost like being on holiday!).

Then on our way home we went for a walk and I took the opportunity to do a few shots of my fella and our little girl...