Sunday, 15 July 2012

A great family day!

Top day today; starting over in Chorlton photographing a very bonnie 7 month old baby boy called Michael. I can't wait to share some of this lovely family photoshoot with you, but for now I felt compelled to post a few of my own family pics.

Andy and mini me mooched round Beech Road for a couple of hours while I 'worked' and to be honest it felt like anything but work as I was made to feel so welcome, I almost felt like a mate who had popped round for a drink and a chat!

After the shoot I caught up with Andy and our little un for some brunch at The Lead Station which was entertaining as there was a brief shower whilst we sat outside eating, which made it more like our kind of picnic (almost like being on holiday!).

Then on our way home we went for a walk and I took the opportunity to do a few shots of my fella and our little girl...
At 14 months she seems to be growing up so quickly. Walking and starting to say words mostly beginning with B! (Ball, Ballon, Bobble, Bang, Boo, etc). This week she's had one molar come through and she has another on the way... she's being very brave about it, but needless to say, none of us have had a great deal of sleep!

We finished the day with one of Andy's favourites (From his quite a long list of junk food!) Pizza, one of my favourites (from a similar length list of booze!) GnT and raft of Nathan Barley on 4oD which still tickles me as I don't think you can beat a bit of Chris Morris.

Nice :)

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