Monday, 3 December 2012

Herbie aged 5 - tree house, tattoo and retro toys

Herbie. When I got the call about this 5 year old's family shoot my first thought was - cool name! My first VW Beetle was called Herbie (due to it's ERB1 numberplate) and I still miss that bug!

Turned out to be one of my favourite type of shoots too, as we got to stay home during the Olympics and do lots of great things. I was just like being home when I was a kid. And there were plenty of flash backs to that era too, as Herbie's dad Hugh, had passed on some pretty tidy retro toys to his son, including a Flump and a mint Fisher Price garage circa 1970s (how I would love to get hold of one of those for Grace!).

So here's a peek at our day...

(well what we packed into a fun couple of hours) from Herbie showing me his room and introducing me to each soft toy by name! To reading a favourite book, proudly showing me the very impressive fire station that Dad had made and the water bottle they converted into a great white shark! From what was left of the very neat batman birthday cake, and making up a Lego kit in super quick time, thrashing his Dad at footie on the computer and in the garden and shooting his Mum with a barrage of rubber bungs and kisses before trapping them both in the tree house!! To showing me a few tips with Daddy's camera and then slowing it right down with some writing and a very cute self portrait.

I love documenting everyday things, everyday life and everyday relationships and I think this shoot is a good example of how this sort of shoot will provide a family with many fond memories for years and years to come.

Herbie's Mum, Alison says:
"Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos, you have definitely captured Herbie's personality and his natural (rather than photo) smile!  Its lovely to have photos of him doing what we see him doing everyday.  I think my absolute favourites are 106 (drawing with pen on knee) and bizarrely as its a back shot 50! (action shot kicking a football)."

I love it when a client's favourite shots are similar to my own! Which are your favourite shots, feel free to comment! x

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