Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mama mia!

Eating breakfast with my daughter this morning and she said MAMA for the first time!

I know, you probably think she was just appreciating the millet porridge made with water? Mmmmmm...
But no it was definitely a ma ma not a mmmmmm.

And she's done it again and again today but never in the presence of DADA.
That's my girl!
Yesterday she said BABA for the first time and repeated it as well today, so maybe it will be DADA's turn tomorrow?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Noah's Arc

Where do I start? I LOVE THIS SHOOT!

Johnny, Mel and Noah... what an ace family...
caring, brilliant fun, eco friendly, surfing, thoughtful, happy, air guitar wielding, honest, bike riding, lovin, vw driving, german speaking, long time mates.

On the day of the shoot the sky closed in as if Armageddon was upon us, but Noah's brilliant blue eyes light up every shot and maybe I'm bias, but I found it very difficult to know which images to share with you as I like them all!